Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Feminine Differential - The Bra (Continued)

by Jordan Reid, SheKnows Expert

Keep these three types of bras on hand to match whatever mood you're in.

 Whenever someone asks me to describe my style, my response is “partially falling off.” And they laugh, and I say, “Well, but kind of… seriously.” Because there is nothing I like less than feeling constrained by clothing, and so what I gravitate towards are comfortable, lightweight pieces that move when I do.

This means that I wear a lot of off-the-shoulder stuff, a lot of oversized button-downs, and a lot of jersey. I also look for pieces that contain LYCRA® fiber – they tend to be way more comfortable and longer-lasting.

My thing for relaxed-fit pieces also, however, means that you can see my bra a decent percentage of the time. Which I don’t mind, provided that what I have on is a bra that’s meant to be seen — a piece that looks like a conscious part of my outfit, rather than an afterthought. Pretty straps are a must. A little lace is nice. Maybe a shot of gold.

So let’s talk The Undergarment Wardrobe for a minute. In theory, having drawers and drawers of lingerie to select from sounds nice, but what I’ve always found is that I continually gravitate towards a few key items: a set for when I’m feeling dramatic and sexy, a set for when I’m in the mood for something a little sweeter, and a set for everyday — pieces I can just reach for without a ton of thought and know that they’ll work under pretty much anything.

I’ve been wearing Wacoal’s bras for nearly a decade now — ever since I discovered the wonder that is their Halo strapless bra (you’ve heard me rhapsodizing about it on Ramshackle Glam for years) — and all of the pieces pictured here are pulled from their versatile mix-and-match Embrace Lace Collection. Each piece features LYCRA® fiber in the lace, so it’s comfortable and fits exceptionally well.

Something sexy

This is Wacoal’s Embrace Lace Underwire Bra (also pictured in the top two photos, here paired with the Tanga Panty), and it is now officially the sexiest garment that I own. A really great underwire is probably the one bra I wear more than any other, because it defines the bust line (extra-helpful after having two children) and gives lift and support without any bulk – so the look is pretty, but still natural.

Something wire-free 

A relatively new addition to my wardrobe that quickly became a must-have: a wire-free set. I wasn’t sure that a wire-free bra would give enough lift, but the Embrace Lace Wire-Free Bra with LYCRA® fiber shown above is way more supportive than most bralettes I’ve tried (and it also has straps that convert to a racerback, as well as a pretty neckline). The combination of light support and no wires even makes it comfortable enough to sleep in (a much prettier choice for nighttime than my usual ratty old college tee)


Something for every day

A t-shirt bra like Wacoal’s Embrace Lace Underwire T-shirt Bra, pictured above, is the most versatile bra for every day and every look. The cups are smooth and seamless under tops, and the wide-set straps make it easy to wear under shirts with wide or low necklines. Get it in naturally nude if you tend to wear a lot of lighter-colored tops and mind your bra showing through your shirt, which I obviously don’t. (Also shown here: the Embrace Lace Bikini with LYCRA® fiber for added comfort and fit.) 

And that’s really all you need: a few carefully-chosen pieces that work for all your many different moods.


What is your collection like?  I don't like the white blouse and black bra look. Agree or Disagree?  More on this subject in a future post.  

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