Friday, April 22, 2016

Friend's Friday - Triple Play

 Caitlin's and Rhonda's Perfect Evening

I hesitate to use such a blatant sports analogy but last evening was one of those magic evening that involved three activities.  I am not sure how all of these wonderful events all ended up on the same evening but all worked perfectly. 

My evening started with a
Palm Beach Business Guild, cocktail reception.  I have been a member for some time and well accepted by the group.  With this group, I have given several “Shark Tank / Angle“ presentation.  Last evening was remarkable in that several old friends that I had not seen in several months were there and I met new friends as well.   One cannot have too many good business contacts.  This event was held at the historic Palm Beach Chesterfield Hotel, Leopard Lounge Bar; One of Rhonda’s favorite spots.

Next, off to another favorite Palm Beach spot; The Colony Hotel, Polo Lounge.  Every Thursday evening there is an informal cocktail reception with music that during season, packs the room.  Last evening was no exception with maybe 50 and again I have fallen into a group that know and welcomes me.  My purpose last evening was to meet up with the beautiful Caitlin (photo above), another local transgender person for conversation and to catch up.  She had been at the Keystone Conferance and I had my Las Vegas trip.  Also in attendance was a good friend David, who has promised dance coaching, so I do not embarrass myself at my upcoming High School reunion in October.  I do not think he realizes just what a challenge he has taken on. 

After about an hour there, Caitlin and I went to dinner at Renato’s, on Palm Beach, Worth Avenue.  Renato’s is tucked very elegantly  into a Via that has both inside and outside dining.  Last evening weather was absolutely perfect so our choice was courtyard seating.  The restaurant was packed with “late season - still here” Palm Beachers and no one appeared to notice two beautiful ladies walking completely through the courtyard to our table for two.  What a beautiful spot, twilight when we arrived and the whole area was bathed in soft warm lighting with candles at every table.  The photo above of Caitlin was taken at our table with the available light from the candle.   Dinner lasted almost two hours, thank you Caitlin, and our waiters, several, were very accommodating and friendly.  A new favorite place. 

Courtyard Dining at Renato’s, Palm Beach

The other two standing photos, were taken as we were coming into Renato’s through the Via, leading from Worth Avenue.  Palm Beach is a very elegant place that requires a certain style that we confidently, provided last evening.   

A perfect “Escape evening”

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