Friday, April 1, 2016

Las Vegas Experience

Scenes from inside the Hotel

My last trip to Las Vegas was with my "Silver Sisters" group in 2012.  I planned this trip around the SOPHIA LOREN event that I wrote about a few day ago and promised to write more.  Here is a review of the hotel and a few more trip details. 

Upon checking in you are awed with the luxury of marble floors, domed glass ceilings and super accommodating staff.  I stayed for 3 days at The Palazzo Las Vegas.  The stay was in a suite that had a step-down living room, a great view of the strip, and lots of space to unpack the many outfits/shoes.  The Palazzo is my favorite places to stay in Las Vegas, hands down.   Interesting is the fact that there are three flat screen TV's per suite: one in the living room, one in the bedroom, and one in the bathroom. This was much appreciated but unnecessary - who watches TV while in Vegas?  I do not think any were ever turned on the entire time - A delightful four-day escape for trumped up politics.  The curtains are controlled by a bedside remote, which was cool to play around with.  Many curtain layers to control to your liking.

Inside the hotel, there is the obligatory, casino – a little too smoky for my taste, complete with all the noise that accompanies the myriad of “take your money machines”.  On that subject – I am not a gambler and do not know how to play many of the games.  However to round out the Las Vegas experience on all my past visits I always dedicated about $20.00 to play the slot machines.  Typically, this would amount to about an hour’s entertainment – winning occasionally but ultimately the amount played dwindles with time.  Winning every now and again added to playing/entertainment feeling.  This time, it was different.  $30.00 lasted about 20 minutes on the same type slots I have played before.  It was like “how fast can I clean you out”.  Not fun and I do not need to do that again.

I rented a car at my hotel skipping the airport rental car center hassle.  Likewise I returned it to the hotel and took Uber back and forth to the airport -  Love Uber.   Also getting out of the hotel to pick up several lunches and a bottle of wine was a good break.  Parking in the hotel is free and easy, so I had a car for day/side trips to Red Rock Canyon, and Hoover Dam.  Both are must see experiences for the area. 

The hotel shops – Both the Palazzo and adjoining Venetian are like a visit to a truly unique upscale mall.  There are endless restaurants and shopping located within the resort to please everyone.  Listening to an Italian serenade while floating in a gondola through the Venetian's Grand Canal Shoppes is amazing considering the canal with bridges are on the second floor.  Also, the lovely Italian-inspired architecture inside the walkway/shops has a blue sky-painted ceiling that changes with night/day.   You can see that in one of the above photos. 

Just getting dressed up, walking around in heels, being catered to and constantly being addressed as ma’am is such an exhilarating experience.  Four days of being a girl - going to the pool, shopping, eating at beautiful restaurants, going to shows and relaxing.  What is not to like?

Give yourself a treat – be yourself. 

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  1. I too so enjoy experiencing Las Vegas en femme. So happy for you. Andee