Saturday, April 30, 2016


What is your escape plan
for this weekend


  1. I have a formal event that my wife and I will attend tonight. It's an annual ball to kick off the season for this particular group and always a blast. About 150 people, great food from our club, dancing, and lots of socializing.

    Unfortunately this Rhonda is not out to the group, so I'll soon be removing my forms and residue Hollister's adhesive, and deciding what to do about my nails. I have a good 3/16" of shaped white tips showing through three layers of clear nail polish. (Oh, how much I'd like to appear en femme in a formal gown and dance the night away as a woman.) The nails and polish are pretty noticeable, so my wife wants both gone before our friends join up with us before the ball. I will underdress as much as I can, and my toenail gel polish will of course remain.

    So, I'm escaping for the weekend, but its an escape from my enjoying being Rhonda and going out and about in the everyday weekend world of shopping and chores (sigh). Don't get me wrong though, I clean up well and look sharp in my tuxedo -- its just not as exciting as a good D.C. Ladies girls night out.

    Enjoy yours,

  2. Hi Rhonda - Is there an echo in here...

    Thanks for the comment - Still have fun this evening and take notes on the outfits. I love formal events.