Friday, April 8, 2016

Facial Feminization Surgery Options - Friend's Friday

Transgender Patients Now Have More Facial Feminization Surgery Options than Ever Before.

BY: Vartan Mardirossian, MD

For those who identify as transgender, there are a number of ways to medically achieve the gender best identified with.  Fortunately, there are a great many options for facial feminization that can go a long way to completing the realization of gender that so many struggle with in today’s society.

Forehead Reconstruction

It may not be something that most would think of right away, but there are distinct differences between a male forehead and a female forehead that make it one of the most important parts of the face to be focused on in this kind of surgery. The primary difference between male and female foreheads is in the bone that runs just above the eyebrows; for men, there is often an edge to the bone, while females have smoother, flatter structures. Most surgeons will remove this bone and reshape it, sometimes by grinding it down and using bone cement, sometimes by reassembling it using wires and screws. Sometimes the eyebrows will be lifted at the same time to be placed in a more feminine position.

The Chin and the Throat

Generally speaking, the male chin and jaw are larger and less rounded than those of the average female. These aspects of the face can be feminized through a few surgical procedures. Often, the chin will be altered by either removing a part of it, or by shaving it down to reduce its height. If there are any square corners, they can also be shaved down to make the chin rounded in a feminine way. The primary difference between a male and female jaw is a sharp corner in the back; this too can be shaved down. By reducing the length of the jaw, it can also be made narrower, which goes a long way in the process of feminizing the male face.

Changes to the Cheeks

There are a number of ways the cheeks can be made to appear fuller, as female cheeks generally are. Often, a silicone implant will be used, as these come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes that can be made to fit the needs of the patient. There are a number of materials and methods that can be used to achieve this, including bone cement, or fat, transferred from another part of the body. This is one of the easiest forms of facial reconstruction surgery, but it also goes a long way in changing appearances.

There are many options for FFS surgery, and more are being uncovered constantly. These feminization procedures are an important step in realizing one’s gender and making it a medical reality, so as to better deal with social perceptions as well as gender identity disorder and other related issues. Thankfully, there are enough surgical options available now that the face can be completely transformed into something more suited to the person it belong to.

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