Thursday, March 31, 2016

Miracle Suit

Pools - The Palazzo - Las Vegas

Miraclesuit - Polka-dot-Sweetheart One-Piece Swimsuit

In Las Vega, one of the hotel's big attractions is the pool.  Better described as multiple pools with many thing to do around the pools - Cabanas, cafes, and spas.  The first day after I finally found a lounge chair I talked with a French Canadian couple for about an hour.  Great conversation.  If she recognized that I was not as appeared, she never let on and was kind.  

Saturday was a bit cooler but sun felt wonderful.  I stayed about 2 hours, arriving in a white coverup, white short-shorts and sandals.  After sitting down, I shed both and laid out in my one piece suit, shown above.  That day the sun was bright and air cool, so I did not realize I was getting sun.  Needless to say - very interesting tan lines.  

The suit show above is a great fit.  Very high cut to flatter the legs, and just the right amount of hold for the figure with underwire shaping/padding on the top.  Also sweetheart neckline and wide over the shoulder straps.  it is modest enough for a woman of my age and the white trim and straps are very fashionable.   

One man there had been sitting/laying in a lounge way to long and was getting really red on his back.  I watched as he attempted to reach around a very large frame to apply sun screen.  Finally I said, let me do that.  I got up and he handed me the tube of sunscreen.   I proceed to cover the shoulder and back area that he could not reach.    A very nice guy and had no clue - very appreciative.  We laughed and chatted until he left about an hour later.  Shortly after that I visited several hot tubs before going up to my room to get ready for Saturday evening.     

Many times it is not so much how we look but the confidence we express.
Two nice afternoons in my "Miraclesuit" by the pools.  

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