Friday, March 4, 2016

Cover to Cover - Friend's Friday

"I am going through this book cover to cover"

I want to thank Pat for sending along this interesting page from an old Montgomery Ward catalogue.  She included other pages that I will post when I get a chance.  

My discussion on the Sears catalogue brought out more comments than usual.  As usual, I thought myself to be the only one; however I was not alone in my youthful study of the Sears woman's section.  Thanks to all of you for the comments.  

Sears's  describing the catalogue as a "Wish Book" was not at all lost on many of us.  

Thanks Pat 

I would like to dedicate Fridays to you, your post and photos.  It is not that I have run out of things to write about, but I want to make this "our place". Please feel free to comment on something I said - did not say.  if you e-mail me your post I will queue then up and post on Fridays.  Tell me about your trips, fashion tips, blogs you read and adventures.  

Rhonda - RhondaWilliams at Bellsouth.net



  1. Sears a d Spiegel were mainstays of my young yearnings. My fantasies had me wearing every piece of lingerie, every dress, every back buttoned blouse and rear zip pants that the pages offered my young mind. I still love catalog shopping (hard copy or on line) for the pleasure of it.


  2. Another Rhonda - Thank you for the comment.

  3. Thanks for the shout out. One reason that I have kept that 1934 Monkey Ward catalog cut is that over the years I have had occasional dreams where I was a woman dressed in the styles of the 1930s. I know that no one can prove or disprove past lives and reincarnation but from time to time I wonder if I had been a woman of that era in a prior life.