Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Walking In Wedge Heels

My Wedge Heel Collection

Last Thursday night I was going out and decided to wear a wedge heel.  In fact the Coach wedge in the top left.  They look so fashionable and hip.  Yes, not my first time at this shoe rodeo, but every time, there seems to be a new learning curve involved.  I am great in heels up to a point, and pride myself in being somewhat accomplished there in.  However wedge heels seem to be a completely different animal.  So here is what I found to help:

Practice Makes Perfect: Walking Tall in Wedge Shoes

By Megan Barnes - Woman24

Wedges are an extremely hot fashion statement. They are super glamorous and come in loads of fun colors and styles.

You can find wedges that emulate everything from sandals to loafers, and there are even a few wedge styled trainers out there.

However, even if you are a master of walking in sky-high heels, you may find walking in a wedge difficult.

Wedges Basics

The number one piece of advice we can offer on wedges is practice, practice, practice, and practice some more.

Successfully wearing a wedge is different from wearing a classic heel, and, just like when you first learned to walk in a heel, you need to practice in your wedges to really become comfortable with this new form of walking.

Read the rest of the article here:  Woman24

Woman24 is a great blog to check - Enjoy 

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