Thursday, June 15, 2017

Beach Time

My Beach Walk
I live six miles from the ocean. This past Memorial Day I had a super nice picnic with my kids at a private condominium beach close by. The water was warm at 81 degrees and the surf was about 2 ft. What a beautiful day and time. Note to self - spend more time at the beach.

There are mornings, when not working, that I walk on the beach. Where I live there is over four miles of unrestricted beach access. Parking is free along the ocean drive and from the street there are numerous wooden dune walk overs to the ocean's edge. There are even showers at each walk over so you can wash the sand off before driving home. In my opinion, one of the best beaches in Florida. There is something about the fresh breeze off the ocean, the warm sand and sound of the surf that is so relaxing. 

I purchased the top in the layout above at Banana Republic a few days ago, 40% off. There is the extra feminine touch of added bows in the back where the straps meet the bodice. It is so cute and will be perfect for my morning beach walks. It is loose and cool and can be worn without a bra or with a bathing suit underneath. I had my seamstress put in a notch in place of the top button and slight front darts. The white denim shorts are from several years back and are also Banana Republic. Similar here:

If I am going to walk on the beach, I always take the sandals so I can slip them off to leisurely walk in the surf. For longer walks, I wear the Keds that provide some support. Even walking on the sidewalk there is a clear view of the ocean between the sea grape done/barrier hedge.  

Parking is always available. Typically there is a good number of walkers and even later in the afternoon you are seldom alone.   

This is a beautiful area and ESCAPES come in many flavors.  

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  1. Jupiter is a wonderful area. We have been there several times and are likely to head back there in January. It is in the running for a second home for when I can finally retire.