Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Breathtaking Show of Beauty

Manny - A 25-year-old beauty guru 
Would't it wonderful if we all could choose our own beauty standards?  

The March 2017, GLAMOUR magazine devoted itself to a very interesting subject. “Why Beauty Matters More Than Ever”. It open with a great discussion on dress codes. You know the ones that required men to wear a coat and tie and women to wear skirts, dresses and heels.  If you remembering that from that last century you are, correct. It was applied equally and was the office standard. 

I had a Y2K consulting job that required ties and suits when at customer sites and it was a big deal when the “rule” went business casual and knit shirts became acceptable at the home office; Suits still required at the customer site. In light of today's, jeans, and t-shirt work place the rules seem archaic.
But what if the rules were not applied equally and a beauty standard was applied to only the female workplace? Heels (at least 2 inches), mascara and lipstick “at all times.” (Don’t forget your 2 P.M. touch-up, girls!).

This is the opening that is used to discuss how each of us should have the ability to define our own beauty standard. Here is one of the published comments:

The truth, though, is that the choices we make about how to present ourselves do matter, a lot. Feeling like you walk through the world in a way that is comfortable and true to you—well, everything starts there. “In today’s political climate, it’s more important than ever that we take the power to look however the freak we want,” says Broadway star DenĂ©e Benton “It’s a really strong form of protest.”

GLAMOUR in the April issue published stories of women and a man (Manny - photo above) that want to define their own standards. Very much what we want! These individual are rewriting the rules with their own personal preferences. Again a concept embraced by the transgender community. So what, if you are six feet and your hair is not the perfect “Farrah Fawcett” set and length. 

"Do whatever feels beautiful to you."  This was a bold statement from a Glamour magazine.  

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