Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Island State of Mind

The Palm Beach Colony Hotel is becoming a regular stop for Rhonda. It is a place for business meetings in the restaurant, a place to meet friends and a great stop on the way to a Palm Beach dinner. Caitlin and I are becoming de facto regulars on Thursday evening at the Polo Lounge. We are accepted because we are always elegant, friendly and interesting. To make this point, the gentlemen are encouraged to wear jackets. This is an evening where islanders and visitors meet to get a jump on the weekend. In season (winter/early spring) it is very crowded. Not so during the summer/fall.  


When I mention “Islanders” this is how the Palm Beach crowd distinguishes those that live there. Palm Beach is not exactly an island although the “Islanders” will take exception to me saying that. It is a narrow strip of land fronted by the Atlantic and separated from the mainland (West Palm Beach) by the Intracoastal Waterway. Yes, there are bridges to get onto the island; three to be exact. The north and south ends of the island are inlet waterways. Therefore, by default, it is an “island” by making and mind.  

Yes, being on “The Island” and being with the "Islanders" is unique. A famous quote by F. Scott Fitzgerald during an exchange with Earnest Hemingway describes it well:

"The rich are different – they have money."

Palm Beach has several special “boutique hotels”.  These are loosely associated with chains, but nothing like their cookie cutter hotel cousins. Many of these go back years and have a rich history dating even before the Kennedy family call Palm Beach their haunt. Most of the hotels are exclusive/full during the season. However, during the summer and fall a somewhat reasonable and fun vacation - Think pool and beach. 

The Polo Lounge - Colony Hotel, Palm Beach

If ever in Palm Beach, be sure to check out the boutique hotels, for a cocktail, a walk through the lobby, a cabaret show, or winter stay.  None of these are more than one and one-half block for the turquoise Atlantic.  The Colony is less than one block from the ocean and right next door to the famous Worth Avenue shops.  

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