Sunday, May 14, 2017

Mother's Day '17 - The Barber Chair

My mother had a wonderful way about her. An imaginative sense of humor and a fun loving spirit. Here is one instance: 

Going to the barber shop was not my favorite thing. The chair intimidated me and reminded me of some torture device with its leavers and ability to go up/down. I had to sit on some board so the barber could reach my head and it had that awful looking leather strap hanging there - "Sit still or I will use the strap", was always in the back of my mind.

My mother would take me to the barber shop and she would wait while I was getting my haircut. I honestly believe that she liked the barber and enjoyed talking to him. His name was Ben Vaughn and I do believe that he and my mother had either dated in high school or she wanted to go out with him. Maybe that was one of the reasons I needed a haircut whenever we went to town. If I remember correctly, 25 cents.  

So, on one of those faithful trips to the barbers shop my story begins. After Ben finished up with me, my mother jumped up in the chair and asked him to trim the back of her head. She had kind of short hair and I will never know if she was just flirting, having fun or really wanted a quick trim.  Likely all three.  

I was beyond horrified. Ben and she laughed their way through it, but that was not the end. The barber shop windows faced out onto Main Street and I was sure that the whole town had passed by for a peek. It did make something of a town scandal and I remember everyone talking about my mother getting a haircut at the barbershop. Remember this was the 50's when women went to the beauty parlor and only men and boys went to the barbershop -  A onetime feminine differential.  

I would like to believe that I have grown to be a person my mother would respect and enjoy. I do have the same fun spirit. I love you mom for not being like everyone else and having such a wonderful sense of humor.

  Happy Mother's Day - I miss you. 

The Barber Shop - Still on Main Street


  1. We have so many wonderful memories of our Moms that always seem to come out on this day especially

  2. In the 1991 Blake Edwards movie entitled Switch, the main female character gets a haircut at a barber shop. The story line is that this character is a male chauvinist who comes back as a gorgeous blonde after being assassinated. The barber was the character's barber as a male. The pretty bob style that she wears for the rest of the film actually looks quite good.