Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sunday Meetup

On previous occasions I have discussed the world of "Meet Up" groups.  With very little effort you can find groups that you can relate to, learn from, and still have fun. I belong to a professional group, mixed men and women and we meet once a month; typically second Sunday. Most networking professional group meet during the week, however we meet on Sunday, late afternoon.  This time and day allows for a casual atmosphere but still provides wonderful networking opportunities.

This previous Sunday, we had a group of about 30 and the upscale restaurant provided hors d'oeuvre and discounts for drinks. Anyone wanting to stay for dinner receives immediate seating. Great food at the Raindancer Steakhouse, West Palm Beach. This evening one of the members, an accomplished piano player, entertained. The photo above is at the piano.  

Do not understatement the relevance of networking. Through this group I have met new friends and found rewarding business opportunities.  A really nice group.  

Charlie, our Meetup group organizer
and Harvey at the piano
Just by going to meetup.com you can search by location, interest and dates. You will be amazed by the diversity. Literally all interest from fashion, politics, social media, and business. Also, many are purely social. Don't see one that you like - start one. Like in "Field of Dreams" they will come. What is there to lose - noting and much to gain. A great Sunday afternoon escape.  



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  1. this is a very nice way to socialize and be yourself at the same time...