Monday, May 22, 2017

Chunky - Not Just A Candy

Chunky/Block Heels      70's - 90s - Now

One designer called it going back to the 70's. Another said going back to the 90's - Fashion recycling.  I remember it from the 70's. From whatever generation you remember, chunky heels are the trend for summer and likely fall 2017. The fashion term being for this iteration, "Block Heels". Believe it of not, all of the above shoes, clipped individually, are shoes currently available and not from a vintage site. This is not exactly my favorite style.  

It is not that I don't have several pair (OK more than several) and I do wear then. They have their place. I wrote recently about an evening garden party when I was patio bound by my heels. Also just last weekend I was at a memorial service conducted in a garden and did plan ahead with wedge sandals. Block heels are more stable and practical in many situations.      

Penny Loafer Pump
Because I am not that tall, heel height is not a issue and I do love high stilettos. My normal heel range is the 3" to 4" height. In skirts and dresses heels add to my leg length and help to thin out my "athletic" lower legs. For spring/summer in Florida, sandals are a must. However for fall/winter and pants, my go-to-shoes are a block-heel penny loafer that Johnson & Murphy had a few years back. These are all leather and have about a good 3" heel. I liked them so much I got them in both black and brown. They can be worn all day and I did on many occasions at Rhonda's jobs. They look great with tailored pants. You do pay for quality.    

Helen, over at Huate Business did a great piece on "CELEBRATING THE CHUNKY HEELS TREND?" Did you notice the question mark at the end of her heading. She continues by adding, "How do you like the trend? I can’t say I was excited at first. "  Like her, I too have my reservations. Her conclusion:

Like everything else, you’ll probably find you need to try on a variety of styles to find the ones that most flatter you. I dipped my toe in the conservative pool with a beige suede version, but I’ll be adding a few more options because some of them are really cute.  See her choices.   

Does anyone else remember, Chunky Candy Bars?

Gucci Leather Pump - 2017

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