Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Feminine Differential - Fashion Play

It is so much fun to play with fashion. Here is two looks built around one dress. By itself, with a pair of navy pump it looks good. However the combination of accessories, different purses and shoes make it exciting. 

The Ralph Lauren Polo a-line dress I have and love the way it fits. Cap sleeves work for my arms and the dark color hides a world of problems. It is part of RL's "Fit-and-Flare Silhouette" collection. A little pricey but with Ralph Lauren, all you have to do is watch for the sale.

The Navy/white purse I got at Brooks Brothers, on sale for 70% off and the Banana Republic Madison "Midnight Gingham" pumps were also on sale. Banana Republic always has a sale - Just sigh up for their e-mails and you get daily announcements. The yellow (lemon drop) purse is Brighton and the yellow/white pumps are also Banana Republic, "Madison 12 hour". I am yet to test them for a whole 12 hours.   

Susan's Scarfs
Susan Street over at the her "Susan After 60" blog, had a great article on "How I Choose A Scarf To Buy".  Her comment: 

A silk scarf can make unrelated separates look like the most elegant outfit ever.  
I must admit that a scarf in my least chosen accent.   It really does dress up an outfit. I already have a navy and white scarf similar to the one on the right. Note to self - give it a try.  I do need to try it again. 

The playing with fashion is so much fun. - Enjoy this feminine differential.  

Here is a blog by that very title.
Some great fashion photography from an unlikely place. 

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  1. I love the fit and flare dresses, as long as I'm fit and flaring in the right places, myself.:-) I also love scarves (and hats!), but I still feel a little overdone sometimes when I wear them. Mostly, I think that is because wearing a scarf, so as to cover an adam's apple, is an old cross dresser trick. Even though I don't have the apple, I kinda feel like people are assuming I do. Dysphoria can rear its ugly head from the most ridiculous places sometimes.

    I'm glad to see that yellow is still a go-to color this Summer, as I have a lot of it from last year that I'm looking forward to wearing again. This Spring has been so wet here in Seattle that the only yellow I've been able to wear is my yellow rain slicker! :-)