Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Dinner and The Ballet

Dinner before the Ballet 
All my life I have been waiting to put those words together. It has just such an elegant sophisticated sound.  As the song goes, "Everything is beautiful at the ballet".  Who of us has not wished to be a ballerina? 

My Saturday In Montreal was not done. (see part one and two) So after a quick change, act three. Dinner was at the main entrance to the lobby of the Place Des Arts. It is amazing as to how many different events could be happening simultaneously. Just a few hours earlier "Momma Mia!, now in a completely different and large venue, the ballet.

First Dinner - the elegant PLACE DESCHAMPS bistro was beautiful and like dining at an outside cafe only inside surrounded by theaters. Open on three sides, we could watch all the Saturday evening theater crowd go by as wine and a cheese plate was enjoyed. Through a skylight was the street courtyard to the Center's entrances. I could easily closed my eyes and picture myself in Paris; for all practical purposes, I was.  

Just across the hall from the Bistro for this evening, was the ballet theater. This evening, not just any ballet, but the world famous Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo. One reviewer describes it this way:  

The Dying Swam Solo
Anytime one sees the Trocs, one wonders how they do all that they do. That core strength, the simulation of female roles with male bodies, effectively affected lines, potential tendon-snapping poses and pointe-work — small wonder that this all-male ensemble is world famous for doing just about anything any other male — and female — dancer can do. STEPHAN BONFIELD, CALGARY HERALD POSTED ON JAN 13, 2017

Yes an all male ballet troupe. This was not a drag show. These are world famous serious professional dancers that first played to comic effect brought to hilarious height and at the same time perform serious ballet. The incredible talent was always there. This is a truly a world-class company performing serious/beautiful ballet. At the conclusion of act two the dying swam solo literally takes down the house as the ballerina sheds enough feather to make several comforters.  

The final Don Quixote ballet is a parody of the great 19th century Russian classic played with brief interludes of comic relief. Always the immense talent is on display. The photo below I took at the conclusion of the evening. The standing ovation is clearly shown and well deserved.  

What a special day, evening and stay in lovely Montreal.  Thank your Ron.  I will post a few more of my photos over the next few days.

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