Monday, May 29, 2017

Floral Skirt

This morning I went shopping.  Sorry, I am not doing my part to keep the mall in business, however in my defense I do not believe it was open yet. What is a girl to do - "SHOP ONLINE"! I found this super cute floral skirt at the site, Fashion Mia.  

I have never purchased from Fashion Mia before and cannot determine their location other than it being international; I suspect China.  It has mostly good independent reviews.  

I have ordered from China before, with much success and although not Amazon Prime, delivery typically is less than two weeks. We shall see? The price made the risk worthwhile. The above skirt is 25.95 and shipping $3.43.  As a precaution, I paid with my PayPal account so that no credit card information was sent to the site. A great layer of protection.    

After I finished all the clicks, I put together the above fashion layout. Excluding the skirt, I have all of the items including the Via Spiga Habitat Noce Leather T-Strap Sandal from several years ago. The belt and purse are Ralph Lauren and the denim shirt is Talbots. The watch is Michele which has easily interchangeable bands in many styles and colors - a great fashion accent piece.  
This combination represents a great mix or casual (shirt) and dressy (skirt) - The breaking of fashion rules. What do you think? I will keep you posted on the delivery and quality of the product. I like their other cute skirts, dresses and tops so hope it works out. Fingers crossed on delivery and quality.      

Dress for your ESCAPE!

Update this morning:  This sure looks like the Dolce & Gabbana skirt I found on POLYVOR.  


  1. I like the way you put the pieces together. It should be nice when worn.
    $925 for the sold out D&G skirt is more than I paid for my first car.

    1. Thanks for the comment Pat - That puts it in prospective.