Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Middle-age spread? Just Fake A Waist!

Yesterday I wrote about my time “Tightlacing” or wearing a corset. There was not an erotic or exotic reason other than to look my feminine differential best. It worked - giving a beautiful hourglass figure showcased by a nipped in middle.  What is there not to like? The complements poured in and my confidence soared. 

However as noted in an English Daily Mail Report,  “For every young woman with a slender waist, there’s an older one, lamenting her spare tire."  Wow that was a little indelicate - although true. For females, it is blamed on the lack of hormones and not just, careless eating. Men as they age just add to their naturally thicker middle (blame beer).  Nature can be so cruel at times. 

I put my "every day" corset wearing behind me, not seeing the necessity while working at home. I do believe that after more than 10 years of daily tightlacing, there is still some residual waist training. However my figure more closely resembles a liter Coke bottle today than hour glass. What is a girl to do?

The Daily Mail Report did offer some great suggestion for those of us in middle age - (I wish).  “So, apart from extreme dieting and drastic surgery, what can be done to regain a youthful body shape in middle age and beyond? The good news is there are plenty of fashion tricks which can help.”  Plenty of tricks – what a concept!

Please note - Not one of these suggestion included a mini-skirt, tights, a sweat shirt or a tent dress. Thank you.   

I will highlight one of the suggestions (tricks) and I have seen this dress on many sites.  I wore one very similar to my HS reunion last fall and it was a hit. The suggestion:

There are many optical illusion dresses for sale on the High Street at the moment but this one from Ted Baker is one of my favorites. It is incredibly flattering, yet age-appropriate. The paneling creates the impression of smaller hips and a smaller waist.  (Suggested underneath is a good foundation garment, Spanks)

The bottom line - Innovate, read, study and revert to tricks. The article in the Daily Mail Report offers great suggestions. I do love their choice for a trench coat and it is very similar to an a-line coat I purchase for last winter. There are many great suggestion to be found on sites like Susan after 60 and Fabulous after 40.  

Friend do not let friends go out looking dumpy.  Escape Beautifully!


  1. Most of us get thicker with age. Gravity tends to make everything smoosh together in the middle. Also, even if one is lean, the visceral fat that accumulates under the muscles can still be a problem.

    As for me, I certainly qualify to be the host of a new reality show: "America's Next Muffin-Top Model." :-)

    1. Great comment Connie. Thanks - I will be in that reality show too. LOL....

  2. How you keep your body? It look great..

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