Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Ultimate Feminine Shoe

Does any one else remember these shoes from the '78 movie Grease. Olivia Newton-John playing the character "Bad Sandy" at the end of the move walked, danced and sing wearing these. They quickly became the must have fashion shoe of the year. Known at the time as simply "Candie's".

AKA mules (french word for a backless shoe), slides, disco slides, clogs and the Barbie stiletto mule. You will also see them at times as a sexy high heeled, feather front bedroom slipper. Think Jean Harlow in her silver screen boudoir, silk nightgown, and sexy slipper. Also as a no-heel (ugly) men's bedroom slipper. 

These shoes came to mind because I was at my local shoe repair shop Saturday. For sale the shop had two pair of  3" slides very much like the one below. While I waited, I looked - yes my size.  

Now this was not my first time lusting after this style. They scream elegance and I do occasionally see them out in the wild. In fact, just a few days earlier, I saw a stylish mid-age woman wearing a very similar pair with maybe 2 1/2" heels; the place, Home Depot.  I admired her style and ability to navigate the hardware isles. 

So, sitting, I slipped one foot first into the white pair. Oh, did they make my legs and feet look good. The next shoe went on with equal beauty. Not wanting to break the spell, I crossed my legs, very lady like, and watched as one of the shoes just dangled from my toes.  Sexy!

Let me digress, I am good in heels - 3" is an all day comfort zone and I can still manage 4" heels for short car to restaurant walks and bathroom trips. Heels feel so sexy and I understand the feminine attraction. I get it.

Agent Provocateur Satin Mules
However, as I stood in the high heel slides, the lack of any support immediately became evident. Yes the first step took me right out of the shoes. Now bear-foot, I was looking back at the shoes behind me, wondering what just happened?           

OK ladies, I am open to suggestion? Is this one of those feminine secrets that is only known in the female world? Or maybe a special genetic bone structure that I did not get at birth? 

To save me for further embarrassment, my repaired heels arrived and I placed the slides back on the shelf. Maybe I will try the ultimate feminine shoe again on another day.    


In the 1930's Jean Harlow was one of the most photographed actresses. Her most notable film for boudoir inspiration is 1933’s "Dinner at Eight". In the film we see Jean lounging around on her bed, surrounded by over sized pillows, wearing the most fabulous slinky sequined robe with ostrich feathers and yes note the mule slippers. 
 Source: Lingerie Addict 


  1. Hi Rhonda, Lovely entry and very feminine shoes. I know just what you mean about lack of support and find that to some extent with strappy sandals. I attribute this to girl shoes just being more fun and varied. Maybe toes gripping a little more? Nylons makes things more slippery. I think you will be back to get them, lol. Love Linda

  2. The girl secret: you get to be gorgeous and sexy in these shoes the same way you get to Carnegie Hall...practice, practice, practice!

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