Friday, June 16, 2017

Just The Right Shoe

My Collection of "Just The Right Shoe" Miniatures

I am not what one would call a collector. Growing up my Uncle worked out of the country and my mother and grandmother would received mail, so I collected the stamps of interest. Not exactly what one would call a "Stamp Collector". Over the years, I have collected cameras. However, I see these more as tools than collectibles. I do have items that make up museum quality vintage computer memorabilia. Old unit record wiring boards, magnetic core memory, and original IBM-PC and IBM-AT motherboards.  Also, I still have my slide rule from engineering school. I know things only a geek would collect.    

Thinking Outside The (Shoe) Box
Beanie Babies -NO.  Although I did find miniature shoes to be fun. Take a look at the photo above that is a portion of my collection. Each one of the shoes, cold press resin, are approximately 4" long and represent the artist, Raine's, creativity and love for shoes. The shoes were in gift shops and department stores and just about everywhere back in the early 2000's. The creations were marketed under the name "Just the Right Shoe" and came in it's own little shoe box. You are correct in assuming you got only the one shoe - The right shoe of course. Cute.

The details are obsessively exact, right down to the hint of Velcro peeking out from under the crinkled-leather strap. The colors are perfect and match what one would expect the shoe to be. Every tiny shoe gives the appearance of having once had a tiny foot inside it, doing wonderfully tiny things in a tiny and magical world.

I am not anticipating these becoming investment items or ever being featured at a Southerly’s auction; Just fun. 

Here is what I could find on the collection: 

The "Just The Right Shoe Collection" was launched in 1998. The collection was an immediate success on both sides of the Atlantic. In 1999 the British Guild of China and Glassware Retailers awarded the collection “Best New Collectible of the Year”. Raine was awarded the "Rising Star" award from the USA-based National Association of Limited Edition Dealers, who also awarded the "Collectible of the Year" award to the brand in 2000. The first “Just The Right Shoe” to be sculpted was the Ravishing Red Shoe. Now most all of the pieces are retired with no new ones are being made and there are few left for sale.  (Some on eBay).
Raine's whimsy, historical insight and scrupulously realistic style are combined in the creation of Just The Right Shoe; miniature collectibles which honor and memorialized the great creations in women's fashion throughout history. Source the May 2-8, 2002 issue of the North Bay Bohemian

I place one on my desk from time to time just to facilitate a smile;  A passion on display. Anyone else out there that collected "Just The Right Shoe"

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