Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Maybe Not Gone - SCC

Conference Hotel - September 14-15, 2017
Southern Comfort Transgender Conference (SCC) does have a schedule, a hotel and a website for 2017.  The scheduled date is September 14-16 at the Riverside Hotel Las Olas Boulevard, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  If you know Fort Lauderdale you will recognize Las Olas is an elegant and fun entertainment, dining, destination; excellent choice. Las Olas is at the center of nightlife, shopping, and close to everything – including the beach - A very different approach than the previous two Florida SCC events. The hotel was far, far west and away from everything.  

Many of us veteran SCC attendees (well over 20 for me) were disappointed to see the announcement the SCC would be no more. Based on last year’s dismal attendance and disorganization, the fact that SCC closed was not a surprise. Well, if the Phoenix can arise, maybe SCC can also. I believe that SCC had an obligation to the Broward Tourism Council for three years and this is a fulfillment of that commitment - Just a guess. Fort Lauderdale has made a large effort to attract transgender travelers.  

The SCC website information is still sketchy. A price of $199.00 is reasonable, however, it is a little uncertain what is included. Posted is dinner Saturday evening, and seminar access. Although there is only one seminar on the schedule and no place for presenters to sign up. Also, there is no mentioned of a vendor area. 

So at best, it is going to be a scaled down event. Maybe that is perfect - SCC has never been about the seminars, vendors and the rubber chicken lunches/dinners with speakers. It has always been about the friends catching up and visiting. Taking time to talk in the lobby and over a glasses of wine in the hotel restaurant. Las Olas Boulevard will provide many quiet places for just that. 

I will likely be there and hope to see many old friends as well. Fort Lauderdale has much to offer that time of the year (off season) and airfare should be reasonable with Las Olas close to the airport (FLL). The hotel is only charging $89 per night, which is also very reasonable. 

I will keep you posted as more information comes available. If nothing else, it may be a great escape and min-vacation. The “All dressed up and somewhere to go” ESCAPE that SCC was from the very beginning.   

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  1. Rhonda,
    The SCC's apparent demise was not brought about because of low attendance but the apparent inability of the organizers to obtain insurance at a reasonable price after being named as a party in a defamation lawsuit between two of the exhibitors. Where they stand in the future will be interesting.