Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fashion Recycle - Embroidered Jeans

Today I give you the latest fashion recycle - Embroidered Jeans. We all know skinny is not new but you have got to love the embroidery. It is cute. These are from Bloomingdale's.  This is a trend just starting and for my opinion, I hope it replaces the torn jean look. That one I never got. 

Who What Wear describes embroidered jeans this way:

Flared, fitted, or slouchy, this season's biggest denim trend isn't about which style of jeans you wear, but how they're embellished—namely, with cool embroidery. Intricately stitched denim has popped up on the runway, the streets of fashion week, and some of Hollywood's coolest style stars.

Deborah over at the blog "Fashion after 40" also did a post on it a few weeks back describing it as; "Embroidered Jeans Are Exciting and New!" She did a great fashion layout pairing it with a plain blue t-shirt and sandals. a cute look.   

Anyone that thinks this is a new trend need go back no further that the great 1972 oldie "Cover Of the Rolling Stone" by Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show. Listen and enjoy. That song always bring a smile to my face.

Wonder - if I had saved my embroidered jeans from 1970, would they still fit?  Not likely - I think I am shorter.  Anyone else remember embroidered jeans?  

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  1. Rhonda, as I commented on yesterday's post, gravity has a way of making us all smoosh "shorter" - but not usually in the legs. ;-)

    Last summer, I had a job caring for eight blocks-worth of hanging flower baskets that lined both sides of a downtown street. I would start, and end, on a block that was occupied by many homeless and vagrant people. They were often dirty, but I saw no torn jeans on any of them. As I would progress up the street, past Nordstrom and other high-end stores, many of the women who were wearing jeans were wearing (factory)-torn ones. One day, my old pair of jeans developed a tear on the thigh. I had to laugh, because I still would not be considered to be stylish to the "uptown" women, but the vagrants were wearing better jeans than I, too.

    Just a couple of weeks ago, as I was beginning to rotate my wardrobe in anticipation of Summer, I re-discovered an old embroidered jean blazer. I hadn't worn it in years, as I thought it to be dated (I may be getting older, but I refuse to continue to wear dated clothing that, in turn, dates me). I wore it the other day, though, and I had many women ask me where I got it. I got it from the old Newport News many years ago, but I just gave the old "Oh, this old thing?" answer.