Friday, April 6, 2018

Friends Friday - A Delightful Few Hours

 By Marie Anne Greene

After several off and on weeks of winter or near winter weather, we finally had two days of sunshine and warmth.  A seminal event that was topped off by a small free-wheeling shopping spree.  No preplanned targets, just wandering through the racks of color, soft feminine fabrics and the occasional catching the sweet fragrance of a perfume as I strolled through the sea of femininity that was flooding the stores. 

On the secular calendar the day was 30 March, on a religious calendar it was Good Friday, however modern secularism won out -  last minute Easter sales shopping by grandmothers, mothers, daughters, and teenage Girl-Friends dominated.  Females voices abounded as they compared “finds and potential finds” and “this color will go great with that”, “come look at this it is perfect for you – You need to try it on”

What a perfect setting for my inner Marie. An exquisitely feeling. No one paying any attention to this stray male in their midst.  Only could have better if Marie was an active member of the ebb and flow and chatting, commenting and complimenting.

However, did not let this slow me down as had some Marie “pin-money” to splurge. Within this mantra in mind proceeded to donated to the Ralph Lauren economic empire.  A stunning flaming red one-piece scalloped thigh-high bathing suit. Tried it on the morning after a fragrance scented shower and light make up. The size 10 fit beautifully – curves all in the right places.  Good start! 

Next came the other two new treasures.  One again a Ralph design.  This was a black velour pair of Opera slacks - Lauran Bacall.  Again, the size 10 was perfectly proportioned and I felt like Ms. Bacall must have felt in her best fem-fatale role.  My black open toe sandals quietly spotlighted my recently manicured pink toe-nails.  The third new item of choice was a flowing V-necked silk multi-shaded Violet-Pink over-blouse.  Overall a super combination.  Wearing the ensemble as this little vignette is composed and my gaze occasionally catches the curves of my breasts as I sit here with legs crossed and back supplely arced in a lady-like posture.

The pink of my finger nails is another persistent reminder of my inner femininity as they flash across the key board with targeted female precision. The entire presentation is topped off literally with my Farah Fossett mane and glowing suntanned face, pink lipstick, matching earrings and Elizabeth Taylor perfume.

Enough of this enjoyment for now.  Hope you enjoyed it also.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful day out and about. I could sense the pleasure, joy and peace the day gave you.