Friday, April 20, 2018

Nine West Shoes - Good Bye Old Friend

It was with a sigh that I read last week of the demise of Nine West Shoes.  Nine West will no longer sell shoes. Always a favorite for style and classy heels.  Maybe not the best for duration or every day wear, however still on the leading edge for being trendy. 

My Mall's Nine West store closed well before Christmas last year and had a closing sale. If you still have a store in your town maybe you can pick up a pair. Soon to be a collectors item? Maybe I exaggerate, but I am sure the brand will continue on eBay for a while.    

A good example of living-on is Enzo Angiolini. I do remember they had likely smallest store in my mall. It did not take long to browse their shelves and I occasionally found a cute pump on sale. I see their shoe in Macy's and other places, so even if the stores close, the name/brand can continue.  

As a dedicated mall shopper for many years, I attempted to pull together a list of the ladies shoes stores that are gone-but-not-forgotten. Take a look at the list above and let me know if I have left out any of your favorites.


  1. So sad. Nine West was a go-to-brand for me.
    Also, the Charles Jourdan label above brings back pangs of shoe envy...

  2. I have at least one pair of Nine West in my closet. It is a black classic pointy toe pump. It is a beautiful shoe in all regards. I do not wear it that often. It is a bit high for me and not the most comfortable but the main reason it does not have a solid spot in the shoe rotation is that I really would not want to damage the shoe. It is very pretty and feminine and truly one that I would normally think to wear only on a special occasion. However, now that you have me thinking of that shoe I may pull it out and see how she is doing.

  3. I have A beautiful T- Strap Red & Black - from them - a beauty & well made