Monday, April 30, 2018

A Hot One

Rhonda gets "A Hot One"
There was one other little side adventure after my Friend's Friday dinner at the VMFA

About 10 years ago Krispy Kreame closed its Palm Beach County store. Thus it has been that long since I had one of these fresh off the line sugar glazed saturated fat, treats. 

AKA “A Hot One. “

There is nothing that melts in your mouth like a hot Krispy Kreame Doughnut. When available, all you need do is ask the purveyors of the treats and they will reach on to the line and hand you one. It does not get any sweeter and fresher than that.  

Three to Go

Heading back to my hotel at 10 pm, the light was on. "Hot Doughnuts Now". So after a quick U-turn and way over-dressed for a doughnut shop, I got a hot one and three to go.

Before dinner on Saturday evening I mentioned my little Friday night quick stop to several friends and it was not long before several topics of conversation centered around:

"Rhonda had a hot one last night!"

Stay Tuned - Up Next - The Main Event - Saturday Reunion Dinner...

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