Friday, April 13, 2018

Friend's Friday - Upcoming Trip

Next week I will be attending my 50th college reunion in Richmond Va. I mentioned it before and have finally firmed up my travel and activities plan. I guess the list of attendees to the right are friends (classmates), although I do not recognize any of the names.  

My friendship with the retiring Alumni director has provided access to events that are reserved for VIPs and heavy donors. I hope to not embarrass either her or myself.   

According to U.S. News & World Report, Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) has the #1 public university art and design program in the United States. To enhance this position the school or arts has built a 37 million dollar art building/gallery, intended to inspire students, faculty, and the general public by bringing nationally and internationally respected artists and scholars to the city of Richmond and the University.

Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU 
The Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU grand opening for University, state and local dignitaries will occur on Wednesday evening of next week. That is two days before the general public grand opening. I have been invited to the Wednesday evening festivities. That should be a dressy affair.

Thursday I plan on traveling south to my hometown and have dinner with friends at a local upscale restaurant.  So far we have about ten that have indicated they will attend. It is always nice to be back home. I still have good friends there.  A country kid at heart.  

Friday afternoon I have a private tour of the current (new to me) engineering school and building. This building and program was completed after I graduated. While I was there, engineering had a secondary position to art, design, music, and drama; not any longer. I look forward to seeing the engineering school and facilities. The Chief Development Officer/Executive Director for the School of engineering is handling my tour.   

Friday's dinner is at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) with about 10 invited guest of the Alumni director. Dinner I believe is with several retired Deans, a well-known writer, and a retired CEO. All of us Richmond Professional Institute (RPI) now VCU alumni.

Saturday evening is the Reunion Dinner. We '68 graduates will be part of a special pinning ceremony and will be inducted into the "Golden Circle Alumni Club".  Wow - that makes me feel really old.  

This should be a very interesting trip. Stay tuned. If there are any in the Richmond or South Side Virginia area, I may be able to squeeze in a morning coffee or snack. Let me know.   



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