Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Sentimental and Nostalgic.

My next stop on my college reunion road trip was back in my hometown.  Upon entering the rural county, there is always a sense of return.  That is deep-seated and although I likely will never live there again, it will always be “home”.   

Clark's General Store - Scottsburg, VA
There is always a stop at one of the last remaining country general stores I know. The kind of place where you get a coke and a Moon Pie, pull up a chair and talk. That I did for about an hour and a half after my drive from Richmond. A one-stop news source. Who has moved in, who has moved out, sick and died. This is a complete throwback to my grandparent's general store and is directly across the road for their old place. I was happy to see that my grandparent's building is still there and now the “Town Hall”.  

I always go next to visit my family; grandparents, mother, uncle, and aunt. They are all in one place and as of late (50 years) the conversation is rather one-sided. Today discussion centered around where my urn will be located among their designated places. The consensus among us all was behind my mother and near my grandparents. I would like to believe that all in attendance would be proud of the person/woman I have become.  

Berry Hill Resort 
One of my favorite places to stay in the world is “Berry Hill Resort”. It is a restored, refurbished and modernized 1839 plantation home. It is a sight to behold with its Greek revival architecture, set on a hill in the middle of the country. I have written about it before and one cannot help feeling both elated that it survived the civil war unscathed and sad at the same time. It represents the height of the southern slave era; a human tragedy. The place is alive with history; occasionally, more than one anticipates. Step back 150 years, stay in the main house and pretend to be the master of the plantation. A must visit destination.

I always send out a general invitation to friends for a group dinner at one of two local upscale restaurants. Five attended this trip and others were to attend, however canceled at the last minute; illness and family commitments.  Next time, please.

Friend's Dinner - Halifax, VA

I love you guys, value your friendship and acceptance more than you will ever know. 

I escaped the country life many years ago, however there are still a lot of country memories. I do enjoy my return visits. You will not be the first to notice that I can, at times be very sentimental and nostalgic.    

Next - Touring the Engineering School. 

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