Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Kiss Your Elbow

I was maybe five or six years old and our village jokester who hang out at my grandparent's general store, came up with this – “If you kiss your elbow you will turn into a girl!”  I remember vividly the statement and in private later that day attempting the feat. Could it really be that simple? 

In a Big Closet  / Top Shelf Transgender story entitled “Kiss Your Elbow and Become a Girl” writer Jennifer Sue's opening elaborated on the saying - (spoiler alert):

There is an old saying that periodically makes the rounds of schools. It’s really silly and quite impossible but at the same time holds a strange fascination for those who hear it. It’s mostly used by girls to tease boys. “If you kiss your elbow you change into a girl”. The near physical impossibility of kissing your own elbow is one of the more unusual parts of this childhood mythology. According to the legends, a peck to the elbow would bring about an instantaneous sex change. For most boys, it was a threat of a terrible fate, something never to do. After all, most kids would never want to be a member of the opposite sex; they're icky, and may even have cooties! The most common version of the myth was that kissing your elbow at any time would cause a sex change. It doesn't matter if it's by accident or intent, if your lips touch your elbow, you're going to have to start using the other restroom. Some variations of the myth had a certain ritual you had to perform to become the other sex, such as spinning around in a circle ten times under a full moon before giving the kiss that will turn a boy into a girl. Obviously, no matter how much ritual is involved, it doesn't work...

I only mention the story and site because of the opening paragraph. Needless to say, I was fascinated early on by an easy process to become a girl.  Oh well, it was worth the try.  

Maybe I will give it one more try later today.  Let me know if it works for you?  I know you will try.

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  1. Hi Rhonda,
    Yes indeed, I did try to kiss my elbow, but, unfortunately, I am just not flexible enough.