Saturday, July 6, 2019

A Femulate Tribute

Today brought a shock.  Stana on her blog "Femulate" stated: “That All Folks”.  My first reaction was “NO!” 

Memories flooded back starting with my first girlfriend Kay moving away when I was in second grade.  She may have been my first, but certainly not my last, loss. My morning ritual always entailed first making sure my blog post was up on schedule; then going to read Stana’s "Femulate".

The fact is, Stana inspired me to have a blog. For many years I read her blog and revelled in the diverse content and her insightful thoughts. She was/is the best.  Her editing skills were always superb (mine are not) and her depth of research was always current and thought-provoking. I learned so much about myself and our community.

My humble writing started with a guest posting on "Femulate". I wrote several posts and Stana graciously posted them. I commented to Stana that having my picture on her blog was my equivalent to “Getting My Picture On the Cover Of Rolling Stone”.  I had arrived. 

Sitting by my computer in the morning with my hot cup of tea will not be the same. There will be a gaping void and vacuum of enlightenment that I will miss.

WOW - What a Beautiful Person 
I have come to appreciate that writing and maintaining a blog requires a lot of effort and recognize there will come a day when I too will have to say, “That All Folks” as well.  Stana, all of your years of effort stands as a monument for the community. 

Stana, I hope you are OK.  Your post of a few days ago really scared me. Along with all of your readers (blog friends), we all have deep respect and love you. 

I hope you recognize the tremendous impact you have had on those of us in the transgender community. The term “femulate” will live on. We love you and only want the best for you.  Please post from time to time and let us all know you are OK. And, share more of your magical insights. 

Stana's enduring legacy:

fem·u·late (fem´ya-lat´) v., To imitate, copy, or try to be like a female

You will be sorely missed! 


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  2. Replies
    1. You are so welcome - Please comment often and check in.

  3. I'll second Rhonda's comments! Stana will be missed...


  4. You've expressed the feelings of the entire community. My morning routine will now be a bit less wonderful. Stana's blog is a treasure. Nicely presented. Impeccable. Inspiring.
    Rhonda, thank you for expressing the words many of us feel.

    ps. I almost used my non-de plume!

  5. I have to say that Stana's announcement was quite a shock but I will always respect her wishes to have her site come to an end. As Rhonda has said "please Stana keep up up on how you are doing with occasional post here." She will be sorely misses.