Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Cruise Wear - 3 Evenings

Evening were special on board my latest cruise. There were two designated formal nights that allowed for cocktail attire or formal wear. From last year's cruise, I found many of the women took the opportunity to dress up, especially when eating in the main dining room. This year I planned around doing just that.  

The white Ralph Lauren dress, shown first, was worn the first formal night and the second (same but different color Lauren dress) was worn for at one of the specialty restaurants on another evening. The third outfit (blue skirt/white top) was worn for the last evening's dining in the main dining room. 

I planned each evening purse to be my Michael Kors Vivian Medium Leather Messenger. I tucked the shoulder strap into the bag and utilized it as a clutch and was only taking it to be an accessory.  Needed only was my Cruise Card - photo ID, room key, and on-board charge card. The only other item in my purse - a lipstick.        

Night after night, cruising, especially on board luxury ships, affords unequal exciting opportunities of being out and dress to be seen.  

Stay tuned, there is a wonderful photo of the long dress I wore formal night number two. That was exciting!


  1. An interesting note on all three of your great pics, is you showing a wonderful, sun kissed glow....

  2. A very happy girl - Thanks for the comment Velma.