Monday, July 15, 2019

Cruise Wear Formal Night - The Fairy Tale

Cruise Ship Photographer's Photo
After observing that "Formal Night" really entailed all aspects of dressing to the nines*, I decided to make my last formal night special. What came to mind was Julia Roberts as Vivian in Pretty Woman - “I want the fairy tale.”

I like the feminine nature of the off-shoulder bodice and the fact that there is not a male equivalent.

This was a last minute packing decision and I saw this dress online at Macy's just a few days before leaving. I do not think I would have ordered this " X by Xscape" gown if it were not in petite, lacking time to get a regular length hemmed. It was the perfect length with heels and fit beautifully just as designed. The slit leg was not a look I had ever dared before, but also worked - stunningly!

That evening I put it on with a strapless bra and minimal under things and I felt alive, elegant and incredibly feminine. I walked slowly down the long cabin hall, down the stairs and into the main dining room at the front of the ship. The maitre d' that I now had come to know from already having eaten there four nights, gave me the up-down look and smiled. As I was walked slowly through the whole front of the dining room to my table, I took in every look. The attention that a red dress garners is electrifying and not for the faint-of-dress.   

Never before had I ever worn anything that attracted so much attention - an Escape to cherish!  

Here is what I wore the other evenings for dinner on the cruise.   

Staircase on the Promenade Deck 


Happy Anniversary Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. No celebration is complete without a little cake!  A Main Dining Room after dinner treat.  

*Term etymology: Dresed to the nines - "to thine eynes - to the eyes"


  1. OMG. Fabulous!

  2. Rhonda, that is one stunning dress! I'm sure every eye in the room was looking at you when you walked in and appreciating the view. Hugs, Tina

  3. Stunning. You were quite the show stopper. Velma