Friday, July 26, 2019

Friend's Friday - 95 Degrees of Remarkable

Dear Rhonda,   Given your solicitation of info and articles...  Perhaps you would like to include this in your blog: 

By Velma:

Thursday was my first chance to 'go out' this week. We are experiencing a very early heat wave  here in  NC and the temps have been in the 95 range for about a week. The high temps while wearing wig, dress and hose, would be a new and perhaps challenging experience.

I decided on a light and airy violet colored,  patterned dress, and white sandals with pump style heels. This outfit matched a short haired blonde wig, along with pink framed prescription eyeglasses.

Once dressed and made-up, I stepped outside the house, and was amazed that the humidity  was surprisingly low, not typical for the South.  The warm, but cooling breeze through my dress was a delightful experience.

My first stop was at Shoe Show, and after a brief visit --nothing there would fit my size 13 feet--, I left.  Again, the warm, dry breeze against my legs would be the highlight of the day....

My next stop was to Cato Fashions, where I have shopped previously. They know and recognize me there  I noticed an 'oversize'  white oxford cloth 'man shirt' on mark-down sale and the sales lady directed me to the fitting room.  Generally, I ask for direction to the fitting room, but this time, the sales lady took care of matters. The shirt fit in a casual, oversize manner, so I made the purchase.

This trip 'enfemme'  was different, not just the weather,  it was ME.  I was calm, confident, focused and totally aware my my new confident gurl self.  I felt in control and 'I owned it'.  Gone was the residual anxiety and apprehension.

 After Cato's,  by 'Bojangles Iced Tea' needed to make an exit.  Near Cato was a 'Quirk Trip'  convenience  store.  I found the 'ladies' and walked in like 'I owned it'.  No problems.

My last errand was the highlight of the day.   I visited the local   ULTA cosmetics store.   I had driven by the store before,  just to scope out the situation, but was unsure of how a visit would go, so I just kept on driving....

Today, I would enter ULTA, pretty violet dress and all.  I was met at the door by a lady customer who offered me a big smile, while she exited, and I offered her a big smile back....  Things were going well!   Upon entering, I noticed the store was HUGE(!) and dazzlingly over-illuminated.  Just this impact would have caused an anxiety attack, were it another day.

The store is  (over)staffed by dozens of young, pretty girls of all sizes, shapes and colors.  AND and they ALL offered me a  " Hi".  I was apparently not the first gurl they had ever seen in the store and every last sales clerk was totally blase' to the fact I was, well, a guy.  Their relaxed manner caused me to be even more relaxed and confident, I was quite 'at home'.

I had happened upon  the 'makeover' section, and one of the young ladies there asked if I had come for a  makeover.   I said no, I was just trying to match my old color of blush, (my only excuse for going into the store in the first place) as the maker had decided to not offer this specific color any longer. 

 Another friendly, young lady was assigned to help match my blush color, and it took a number of different visits to various manufacturers store displays to find a close match.    During the search, I inquired if she had many male customers, and she said she had 'more than you would expect'. 

We finally found and agreed on a similar shade of blush, I thanked her for her GREAT customer service, and went to the checkout.   This blush, was defiantly not priced like the discount store variety,  but  the blush, along with the experience was worth every penny....

I left the store, back into the summer like heat, and then I realized.... all this heat and sweating had literally sweated my silicone breast forms onto my own skin.  My breast forms were delightfully warm and they moved  and as I moved, literally as if they were a part of me. 

Soooo..... 'this' is what 'they' would feel like......  Remarkable! 

What a great, and wonderful day!   I write this note a day after my venture out, and 'the afterglow' is still lingering.  Quite an afterglow......  



Velma - I am so sorry it took so long to get this posted.  Thank you for submitting this article and please do again.  Next time it will not take me so long to get posted.   Escapes are wonderful. Rhonda 


  1. Rhonda,
    Thank you for sharing Velma's post and Velma thank you for putting your feelings into words. Every time one of us has an outing or a day full of experiences like the one you just wrote about is a good day for all of us. Your courage and your getting out, especially in the summer heat, provides confidence to others and your multiple positive experiences with the 'civilian' populations helps pave the way for others.
    I hope you provide Rhonda with future accounts of your outings and that Rhonda has room to share them with her readers.

    1. Thanks Pat for the comment. I will always make room for positive stories and real experiences. Your turn!

  2. This is a wonderful little read. Like the previous commenter said, a victory for all of us.