Friday, July 12, 2019

Handstand In Heels

Katelyn Ohashi stunned on the red carpet as she launched into a handstand while wearing heels.

Former UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi dazzled fans once again on Wednesday as she launched into a handstand while wearing heels on the 2019 ESPY Awards red carpet. 

Ohashi, who was nominated for Best Play and Best Viral Sports Moment, became a household name earlier this year when her flawless floor routine became an internet sensation. The routine earned her a perfect score from judges.

The ESPY Award for Best Viral Sports Moment, which Ohashi won, was announced on the program’s pre-show. The gymnast called the award “an honor”...


For those of us mortals who just want to walk in heels, here is an excellent article "How to walk in heels: 12 tips and tricks from experts". 

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