Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Would You Wear It? - Fashion Layouts

Seventy-five percent (75%) of the respondents to my survey said they like my “Fashion Layouts”.  I try and make then age-aware and conservative enough to be worn without attracting undue attention - "Blending" as a goal. They are fun for me to put together, either from my closet or items I purchase/see that I personally like.    

Being active and out, I make every effort to represent our community with a positive appearance. For many years I was casually inept, with most of my Rhonda outings being professional or event related. Life is more than “dress-up”, so being appropriately dressed in casual Florida can be challenging at times.  

Today I found a cute tag for my fashion layouts, “Would you wear it?”  I value your opinions and all readers will benefit from your "yes/no" comments.  

Also as a side note - I have kept the survey going and value your reactions/comments. The survey is short and it helps me know what you like/dislike. If you have not already clicked on the “Survey” tab above, please do.  Maybe your opinion has changed, so feel free to use it any time to express yourself. Your opinions can be anonymous (e-mail address is completely optional) and all comments are confidential.  Thanks.  



  1. Blue is definitely your color. V.

  2. Grommets are a no, for me anyway . . .

  3. Would I wear it? In a heartbeat...yes.

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