Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Would You Wear - SPERRY Platform Sneaker

Sperry Crest Vibe Platform Sneaker

Many wait and make the pilgrimage to Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale.  Nordstrom seems  to do their sales in reverse by putting new merchandise on sale for a period of time and then after the sale returning the items to regular price. This is nice because quantities are not limited and many of the sale items are favorites. No fake "One Day" sale items found here. The sale starts with  Nordstrom credit card holders getting first access and then the general public. The sale seems to be very popular and on the first day I happened to be at the mall and Nordstrom was super busy.  

I was very pleased to see the above Sperry Crest Vibe Platform Sneaker included in the Anniversary sale. After trying them on in the store, I did purchase the white and blue. Even for my high arch foot, the fit is comfortable for a slip-on style and the size was my normal women's size.   

It is the platform that provides the extra feminine touch. I like the look of either with jeans and especially the white sneaker which looks great with white jeans.  

Deborah at "Fabulous After 40" (great fashion advice) has been talking about the Nordstrom Anniversary sale for a few weeks. She has some awesome fall shoe advice on her blog.  

On the Sperry Sneakers, would you wear them?



  1. I might wear them. I'd have to try them on first, though. Sometimes, with sneakers, the bulk of material around the outside of the sole just makes my Size 11 Wide feet look too big for my liking. Of course, there's a good chance that Sperry doesn't make this shoe in my size, anyway. I do like the look, anyway.

  2. I'm not a fan of sneakers at all, so likely would not buy a pair . . .