Monday, July 8, 2019

Going, Going, Gone - Mad

                             Mad Cover - July 1983                             
The demise of Mad magazine is hardly a surprise.  It was a matte of time.  Gone are PC Magazine, PC World, and many of the tech journals I would pore over at the book store magazine racks. When I found a relevant article, I purchased.  One of the magazine I would always pick up and read; Mad Magazine.  It never ceased to elicit a chuckle. There was some recess of my adult mind that would revert to adolescence when I saw a Mad cover.  

The Washington Post Describe Mad this way:

Yet the best of Mad stands as some of the greatest American satire ever, including fake ads and recurring features such as “Spy vs. Spy,” as well as film and TV takeoffs that were often appreciated by the Hollywood talents they spoofed.

Needless to say my favorite was the cover that spoofed the Movie Tootsie.  You know you are getting old when you say to goodbye to old friends for the last time. Thanks for the enduring adolescence flash backs.   

Spy vs. Spy’s Castro Connection
From MAD #60, July 1961 

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