Thursday, February 24, 2022

Feminine Differential - Lug Sole Boots?

How to Wear Lug Sole Boots and Shoes 

I found interesting Deb's post at Fabulous After 40 describing a fall trend she calls, "Lug Sole Boots":  

Combat boots were the original utilitarian boot. Now lug sole combat boots are all the rage. What’s the difference? Lug sole combat boots are simply more exaggerated. They’re chunkier heavier, with platforms and big-toothed rubber soles.  Some are definitely over the top and more suited to a junior crowd. However, you will find some more refined, grown-up styles too.


Her fashion layout featured Tory Burch lug sole combat boots.  I always find Tory Burch products (shoes) to be excessively expensive, so looked for an alternative. Do check out Deb's fashion layout.  

Venus - Boat Neck Cable Knit Sweater

My go-to-look for years was the over-the-top feminine, heels, hose, dress and hair.  That seemed to fulfill a need to say here I am "woman"; roar optional. I have learned that civilians see feminine, especially women,  through subtle differentials.  Maybe just an ear ring, sandals, or a v-neck t-shirt top with shorter sleeves. The over-the-top look many times drew unwanted attention. The "what is wrong here?"   

Just a touch or lip-gloss, now that my lips are distinct, has triggered more "ma'am than I would get you", than two hours at the makeup mirror did previously. FYI - my makeup routine is now down to a reasonable 15 minutes when going out for the evening.  Even less when just going to work.  

I found the above Harley "Heeled" boots on Amazon for a more reasonable price than the Tory boots.  Plus an added benefit, if you are a motorcycle rider, they are advertised to be waterproof. Utilitarian with just the right mix of edginess and elegance (feminine differential) to look classy and not kooky. They have a chunky 2.75" heel which gives them a  feminine look and will look great with skinny black jeans tucked-in as Deb described. To add to the feminine differential, or confusion, wear hoop earnings and a delicate gold chain bracelet.  I love confusion! 

Pikolinos Booties
I mixed the boots with a classic vintage motorcycle jacket. However, this outfit will look super with a  chunky, oversize sweater as Deb showed in her fashion layout. 

Maybe a great travel outfit? I have worn my Pikolinos Booties (five years old) on several airline flights and they have always worked for me.  The side zip provides easy off-on for TSA checkpoints. Theses are comfortable and I have even taken nature trail walks wearing them.    

I guess the above fashion layout intrigues me as to "being who I am" and still working within a distinct feminine differential.   

Never be old to try something different?

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