Monday, February 7, 2022

Feminine Differential - 25 Types of High Heels

The Ultimate Guide

From Clickless:  Whether you've just started working in a shoe department and want to be able to talk the lingo, or you've recently gotten really into fashion [shoes], knowing your shoe definitions is a useful skill. When it comes to high heeled shoes, we have a special place in our hearts. So we've decided to create the ultimate list of types of heels. Some of these have gone out of style but with the cyclical fashion industry, we won't be surprised if they make a comeback soon. Without further ado, we give you 25 heel types. 

My Note:  Oh what a wonderful world of foot wear we are ensnare into. Try and guess before looking at the name.  Remember, these are just high heels and there can be combinations therein. Like "Platform Boots" or "Sling Back Wedge Espadrille".  Personally I am not even sure this is all of the basics; "Bedroom Slide Heels" are missing. 

Think you could ace the quiz? Enjoy.

  1. Kitten Heels
  2. Pumps
  3. Stilettos
  4. Ankle Strap Heels
  5. Wedge Heels
  6. Wedge Sandals
  7. Cone Heels
  8. Sling Back Heels
  9. Platform Heels
  10. High Heel Sandals
  11. Peep Toe Heels
  12. Cork High Heels
  13. High Heeled Boots
  14. Ankle Booties
  15. Spool Heels
  16. Mules
  17. Ballroom Dance Shoes
  18. Cut Out Heels
  19. Corset Heels
  20. French Heels
  21. Oxfords
  22. Chunky Heels
  23. Comma Heels
  24. Espadrille Heels
  25. Fantasy Heels (AKA Stripper Heels)


  1. I went to the "Clickless" website to see what they were about. They sell a heel protector that not only saves the heel but also stops that "obnoxious" heel clicking noise. I suspect their trans* sales are low as many of us revel in that sound - that oh so female sound - of clicking high heels!