Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Danger! Danger! - Ron DeSantis

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signals support for 'Don't Say Gay' bill

 See this update: Biden tells LGBTQ children 'you are loved and accepted just as you are' after Florida advances 'Don't Say Gay' bill. 

Demagogue - a political leader who seeks support by appealing to the desires and prejudices of ordinary people rather than by using rational argument. Merriam-Webster 

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis appeared Monday to voice support for a controversial state bill that would ban certain discussions about sexual orientation and gender identity in the classroom.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

According to the legislation, which opponents have dubbed the "Don't Say Gay" bill, school districts "may not encourage discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in primary grade levels or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students." It is not clear what would be considered "age" or "developmentally" appropriate.

Despite fierce opposition from Democrats and LGBTQ advocates, the bill is gaining momentum in the Florida Legislature and is on the agenda for Tuesday's meeting of Senate Education Committee. A House version of the bill already received a favorable vote from its Education Committee in January.

The bill would ban schools from adopting procedures that could lead to school district personnel withholding information about a child's mental, emotional or physical health. 


My Note:  Warning this is just the beginning of DeSantis' playing to an uneducated lunatic base. Those of us in Florida have been watching how this power hungry politician will say and do anything that will ingratiate himself  to the far right. He is smart and dangerous. Proposing a Mississippi abortion bill (Mississippi?) Preventing localities with run-away Covid from mandating reasonable standards.  And now relegating the LGBTQ community back to a 1950's standard.  There is more and I am sure there will be more.  

LGBTQ and especially transgender youth are being used for quick theatrical/wins by politicians. DeSantis is a demagogue.  



    "Feet back and whaaaaaaat?

    Why is Florida trying to become the New Mississippi?

  2. DeSantis already has commissioned (reports to him only) voting police force. Could Gender police be far behind? is the facetious becoming reality?

    Biden's comment toady highlight that he thinks the DeSantis is likely to be his foe in 2024.