Thursday, February 3, 2022

My Holiday Retail Escape - Inspiration


My blog's overall intent is to encourage living your life without self-imposed limits. Applying and working as a sales associate (shopgirl) at an lingerie mall shop was just such a challenge. However, why set limits on doing something that services two goals - Being out "Escapes" and making sure that the world see those of us that are transgender day-to-day. We are their barista, software engineer, lawyer, car mechanic, pilot and retail shop associate; head held high!

I must admit that my inspiration for this "Escape" adventure started many years ago; Steve Martin's 2005 book "Shopgirl". It was later made into a rom-com-drama movie by the same name. The book was not a fluff piece that highlighter Martin's writing ability. I read the book in 2005 and it stuck with me.   Amazon describes it this way: 

Filled with the kind of witty, discerning observations that have brought Steve Martin incredible critical success, 'Shopgirl' is a work of disarming tenderness." 

When I applied in early November after a good shopping experience at my mall store, the worst outcome would be they would say "no". Now that I have worked part on November, all of December (the holidays), and January, I have truly enjoyed the experience.  I am taking February off to catch up on other responsibilities. I will likely fill-in going forward on an as-needed basis. My store manager told me " the customers love you and we are fortunate to have you". 

Is there something you would like to do as an escape challenge? It does not have to be a big challenge like working at an intimate shop. Make it a dinner out at an elegant restaurant, taking a cruise/vacation or just a walk in the mall to shop. Each is an "Escape". Step out, live your life.


  1. Rhonda, wonderful typo in today's post --- you worked in an intimidate shop! It underscores your point, because we must be intimidated by intimates....

  2. Already fixed - my editor just caught it too. Thanks I need all the help available.

  3. Rhonda, To answer you question, I would love to volunteer at a not-for-profit on a regular basis. Unfortunately, I am in a don't see situation. So I doubt it will happen but I can still dream.