Monday, February 28, 2022


One of my loyal readers commented that we are numb from the Republican attacks.  My posts were: 

Denying The Existence of Transgender People

Where Is The Outrage?

Numb - (adjective) deprived of the power of sensation
          - (
verb) deprive of feeling or responsiveness.

It is true, we are numb.
  The attacks have been furious and mean. Football players when injured have been known to take painkilling numbing agents.  When numb they can play (ignoring reality) as the injury, although not felt, became exacerbated.

Ignoring the pain that the Republican party wants to inflict upon the transgender community is not going to make it go away. The next day a “numbed-up” player has twice the pain. Perhaps, a permanent injury now. 

If no one speaks up the radical right they will continue to push hot buttons that enrage their one issue minions. Contrary to what they say, the agenda is not abortion, transgender rights, immigration, etc. It is power! They will do/say anything to achieve and hold power. E.g. denying the January 6 insurrection. 

They are cowards/bullies and will move on to another agenda once pushback becomes manifest.  

 What we can do:

  • Do not support candidates that espouse a radical agenda or tell lies.  
  • Do not support a party that wants to deny our existence.
  • Speak up to friends, colleagues and help them understand the danger the democracy faces.
  • Contribute as you can to causes and candidates that support "center" politics.
  • Volunteer to help candidates that support "center" politics. 
  • Support reforms that will dismantle the two-party system.  
  • Vote in local elections – State representatives now have the power to take political control of vote counting.
  • Be vigilant. Be visible
  • Stay calm – America is not as radical and hateful as these crazy minority candidates preach. Hate and division is their only tool.
  • VOTE!

Continuing to stay numb is not a option. 

PS: Tomorrow I will return to regularly scheduled programming.


  1. ADDENDUM.. if I may....
    * Broadcasters need advertisement revenue to keep the transmitter running. Avoid businesses which advertise through Faux(Fox) and Sinclair broadcasting affiliates. Let the businesses know the reason for your monitory avoidance in their store.

    *There are movements to abolish/modify the ELECTORAL COLLEGE. Other movements are for a direct proportional conversion of electoral votes instead of 'winner take all'.

  2. Thanks Velma - Great points. I stopped watching my local Sinclair affiliate about a year ago. Local news should not be bias. Sad, many don't evens notice. Avoid the businesses that advertise there (notifying) is a great suggestion.

    1. The reason that many persons dont notice the bias is news is that they were DELIBERATELY MIS-EDUCATED by false doctrines handed down by STATE SCHOOL BOARDS, with direct but subtle mis-messages designed to keep the 'working class' ignorant as well as cheap laborers.
      Most of the readers have NO CLUE that the 'left-right' political spectrum is actually a CIRCULAR CONTINUUM! Google it! Get woke!