Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Wardrobe Malfunction - Stay Up Stockings.


Hanes Silk Reflections Thigh Highs

I almost never wear Pantyhose (stockings) or leg cover of any type. This may originate from how seldom I wear dresses and skirts (another subject).  Also shorts are the uniform of the day when over at the beach and from efforts at the pool my legs have a good tan. By contrast, there was a day when I would have not considered myself fully dressed, without pantyhose. Needless to mention is that they always provide a delightful tactile sensation, however, in today's world, utility overrides.  

Talbots A-line Wool Skirt

I had a concert to attend this past week, and Florida was experiencing one of its few winter blast; thank you Canada. This evening I was going to wear a winter wool skirt and black sweater. The concert location was at an old Palm Beach mansion now the Flagler Museum, and I had known the room to be drafty. Some type of leg cover was going to be need to accompany the skirt.  

Three attempts were made with pantyhose. My first observation was that I am not a limber as I once was.  Rip-rip and 2 new, just out of the box, hose were rendered landfill. Number three, also new, I got on, but quickly noticed that due to age, the waistband was stretched and falling apart.  How long had I had them - last century? 

Plan B - Thigh Highs.  I did have a color acceptable and there was some sticky stuff left at the top to hold them up. Pull-pull and my legs looked acceptable for an evening out. 

I was running early so stopped in at the Palm Beach Starbucks for a hot tea.  After, sill with a few minutes to spare, I walked and window shopped on Worth Avenue. When I returned to the car I noticed one of the thigh high stocking had slipped to just above the knee. I  am sure that after a few more steps it would have been sitting, like a bunched up sock, mid-ankle. Remember leg warmers? The sticky stuff had failed me. I took both off in the car and went bare legged. 

Maybe again in my lifetime there may be a need for leg cover. So the engineer in me came up with a plan - Be it ever so old-fashion.  Amazon has  Vintage Wide Straps Metal Clips Garter Belts for Stockings.  Being the good "Boy Scout", I was, I am prepared.    

Vintage Clip Garter Belts




  1. I've had that too when the top of one of a favourite pair of charcoal opaque hold ups failed on me. Luckily I had cut the tops from a previous pair of holdups which were beyond saving, and sewed a new grippy top into the old band.
    (Those old hold-up bands, by the way, are useful as head bands to stop a wig from slipping.)

  2. Those Hanes Silk Reflection thigh highs are my go-to. I always wear thigh highs with my skirts. There is a different version of the one you pictured that has more lace and thus more sticky stuff and the additional lace acts as additional elastic. This makes a big difference. I find these versions hold up longer and you get better value. You should check them out.

    I would like to get a garter belt into my wardrobe so thanks for pointing that out, I will check it out.

  3. Sadly, when you see a person in pantyhose or stockings, it is usually a crossdresser or one of the church ladies on a Sunday. Real gals don't wear them, the younger ones don't even own them. It was one of the tactile treats that got me into the glorious sport of crossdressing in the first place.
    But alas, that is not the end of the rant. When you see a person in a dress or skirt, people's microscopes come out to see if the person is perhaps a "man in a dress". The ath-leisure look is fine for younger or in shape women but for crossdressers to emulate the look ?------------Blah I say.

    Angel Amore

    1. Sadly(as you said) the proverbial nail has been hit squarely.

    2. I wouldn't go that far. Certainly the case for Gen-Z and Gen-Y. But Gen-X & Boomers cis women still have their fair share of wearing hose depending on situations from my experiences. I am also Gen-X.

    3. Likely somewhat regional and seasonal (winter). I have not seen pantyhose here in South Florida in over two years. I was at a business networking meeting after work. One of the ladies had come from her "bank" job and was in full banker look; pantyhose / pumps included.

    4. Rhonda, I totally agree that seasonal and regional makes a big deal. I can see how it could be a problem in South Florida.

    5. I used to enjoy perusing the hosiery section at department stores in the '80's and '90's. Selections were seemingly unlimited. Now things are very sparse. With pantyhose virtually gone (but not forgotten), I am afraid the next disappearing trend will be make-up. It's in the same boat as pantyhose. With fewer women wearing make-up there becomes no need to carry a purse. Gals carry a phone and keys in their jeans pocket or thigh pocket in leggings.
      I know, I know, the world is dynamic and change is inevitable. Eventually us old crossdressers will be walking museum pieces.
      Angel Amore