Friday, February 25, 2022

Denying The Existence of Transgender People

Leading Republican echoes Trump's American Carnage message for the midterms

Rick Scott (R)

By Kelsey Snell  February 22, 2022

MY Note: Yesterday's "Where Is The Outrage?" drew not one comment and minimal views.  Let's see what you think of being denied existence.  

Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott has a sweeping vision for a conservative takeover in Washington that echoes the dark and fearful image of America in decline painted by former President Donald Trump during his inauguration in 2017.

Scott opens the blueprint by asking "Is this the beginning of the end of America?" and goes on to outline a vision he hopes will unite Republicans against Democrats. The plan includes major federal intervention in social policies like gender identity and racial equality, to a broad remaking of federal policies on education, taxation, immigration and crime.


Rejecting transgender identity 

The plan also includes positions on abortion and gender, including denying the existence of transgender people, banning gender reassignment surgeries for minors and doing away with government forms that acknowledge gender identity and sexual preference.

Those positions represent a threat to current federal anti-discrimination laws based on Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex.


  1. Unfortunately the UK seems to have similiar people in government!

  2. Rhonda, There are two possible explanations for the lack of comments. Ukraine and we are numb. The former may manifest itself with people just going to news sites or just staying away from their computers. The latter could be that we have all heard what the republicans are doing and feel powerless to do anything about it because we don't live in those states. We could also be further numbed by the combination of the above two.

    I my case, I was too busy to get on the computer! That happens sometimes also. :)