Monday, February 21, 2022

A Day-to-Day Look

Keep Reading - There is more to this post than a fashion layout.


If you had the option to just choose an outfit, any outfit, and be out, what would you wear?

My early "Escape" adventures involved, transgender conventions, (AKA competitive cross-dressing events). Later I would engineer/create dress-up trips/escapes. Once the plan was put in place many of these escapes needed hours of preparation that included, body-enhancing garments, elaborate makeup procedures. All to provide the big infusion of courage needed.

In our efforts to pretend femininity, we become a character in our own theatrical plays. Fact - This is not what being a woman is all about. Many evenings I would go to sleep wishing to be a woman of substance; attending a social gathering, shopping, and being accepted. My mantra "hose, heels, dress..."  Then it was all about the clothes. 

 What I did come to understand as my escape became more prevalent, every real-life event made my heart flutter and I knew that I had found a place of solace for my soul. 

Most all of us on the MtoF transgender spectrum want acceptance and that comes with nurturing our inner feeling of femininity. It is not the shopping for clothes. These are only the outward representation of the inner person.  Who is that inner person? Acceptance comes with letting the inner person live, be seen, and be a part of all aspects of your daily life.

I refer to the feminine differential in this blog and highlight subtleties of feminine appearance. There is nothing better than being "Ma'am"ed at Starbucks, without makeup and only jeans and a v-neck tee. Displaying a casual differential helps others see that you want to be accepted as a feminine person. At a doctor's office a few weeks ago I was asked, "what pronouns would you like?"

That was a special day, in that even though there was not a lot of feminine differential on display, my inner person was there; the person of gender integration. Maybe this is the inner peace we all seek in our gender journey. 

Transition / no-transition - the inner person remains. Accept her with all her imperfections and live for today.   


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