Friday, February 11, 2022

My Covid/Omicron Experience

On Wednesday, February 2 I tested positive for Covid-19 through my local pharmacy’s rapid test protocol. I was reasonably sure, but needed the test to rule out just a common cold.  My only symptom was a mega-sore throat. I began quarantining that day and waited for further symptoms. None occurred other than a runny nose the next day. I did not have a fever, fatigue, or overall sick feeling.  Nothing else developed and by day 4, I was asymptomatic.

I am triple vaccinated. I attributed my mild case to that fact. Until this wave passes,  I have read that with the verilant nature of the Omicron variant, being exposed and contracting it is inevitable.   

I have a family member that is a healthcare worker in ER and has been on the front line since the pandemic started. According to her current experiences, people who are hospitalized and dying, from the Omicron virulent, are the unvaccinated.  

One of her stories was that one patient would not let her leave his bedside despite the fact her shift was long over. Both knowing that he was likely dying, he kept saying "Please stay, be with me". She did stay until he died later that day. He was unvaccinated. That one got to her. 

That was not fake news! 

Both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have full FDA approval. They have joined the ranks of the Polio, Smallpox, and MMR vaccines. They all have undergone the same rigorous considerations and are effective. They are safe. Common sense should rule. Be safe. 



  1. Rhonda -

    It is not fake news. I'm glad that you are vaxxed and boosted, unlike many in your state. Even more glad that your symptoms were mild.

    The way infections are going, we're all going to get infected. Our choice is to be fully vaxxed and get a mild infection that keeps us out of circulation for few days, or to be unvaxxed and risk hospitalization or death. It's a damned shame that leadership in the "red states" are choosing to encourage death, and not life.... So very sad.


  2. I tell the anti vaxers I know to speak with Doctors and Nurses we both know,

    They tell me the vax doesn't work, the death toll is low, it's all fake news

    I say fine do me a favor talk with our neighbor Nurse Jane or Dr Joe see what they have experienced first hand.

    1. I have talked to Dr. Daughter. Over the past two years she has never been so stressed. To the point of now considering retirement from a profession she loves. I have friends that have died because of Covid-19 and if 900,000 US deaths is "fake news" this is the greatest lie ever; for what purpose?

  3. Rhonda,
    So pleased to hear that you are asymptomatic after your bout with Covid. Your experience mirrors that of several friends and Family who contracted Covid after two vaccinations and a booster - relatively symptoms that were gone in two or three days at most. May your good health continue.
    A Treasure Coast friend,

  4. The Gift That Keeps On Giving...
    Wishing you the best.
    Hopefully, you get none of the 'long Covid' symptoms.
    I still have lack of energy 18 months after a mild case, before the debut of the vaccine. I also got a heart palpitation, that required medication.
    If you get unduly fatigued; rest. Dont push on. That is all you can do.