Thursday, July 21, 2022

And the Perfect Bra Award Goes To...

Flexible Fit Perfect Coverage 

Training day - Sunday I had  “Advanced Bra Training” at work. It was so much fun. 

My new store manager (new to Soma) of about 3 months, decided that the two of us should know more about bra fitting and the Soma’s brands / styles.

Opening time on Sunday is 12:00, so we arrive about an hour and a half before opening. First we watched a video that feature the “5 Points” of proper bra fitting.  We then measure each other and picked 5 different/styles of bras to try. Oh darn, do have to try on all those beautiful bras styles?

This was so we could test the 5 points on each other, and best recommend style/fit to our customers. So the two of us then critiqued each other’s fit and look. The last step was to put on a cami/top to see if each bra looked good over clothes.  Soma is known for its smooth t-shirt bras.   

I had one customer in that day that allowed me to find her a bra she liked. She was not a conventional size (small) and said that finding a good fitting, flattering bra had always been a problem. She purchased two and went up to my manager on the way out and told her how helpful I was.  

And which bra is my favorite?  The new "BODIFY - Flexible Fit Perfect Coverage Bra". Here are the product details from the Soma site.

3 years. 1,500 women. 1 revolutionary bra. Meet Bodify™, the t-shirt bra that changes with you. Soma makes Smart Bras™ because you're not a one size fits all. Patent pending Flexicup™ stretches and recovers to hug your unique body shape. Patent pending Floataway Wire™ in airflow mesh moves with you while Get a Grip straps stay put, keeping you comfortably held. Down to the last detail we've thought of you, even adding mesh detailing in the front for breathablity.

My personal observation is that it is comfortable, fit well and added just the right amount of shaping to really look good under most any top.  

Cool Nights PJ Shorts

My second pick of the day was the "EMBRACEABLE Perfect Coverage Bra". 

Soma provides a professional fitting service so if you just want to come in for that, we welcome everyone. If you are shy about being measured, then just come and browse our beautiful bras and panties. Online ordering is always an option. Do look at The "Cool Nights" sleepwear; it so comfortable with an ever so slight feminine differential.   

Several other note on working retail at Soma. The overall corporate structure is very accepting and diverse. I have called the help desk several times to reset passwords and have only encountered a helpful / accepting attitude. My store manager and co-workers are great. I am only working a few day a week (about 10 hours) which is perfect and I make myself available to fill in as needed. Although the retail work is hard, going to work is a pleasure.     


  1. Rhonda, do you feel that Soma is a good place for a transwoman with almost no breast tissue (38A if you try hard to imagine breasts)? The website doesn’t seem to indicate, although in other brands I have gotten a 36A to work for me. Thank you.

    1. Yes we have 38A and if not in the store it can always be ordered. We carry better quality than VS.