Thursday, July 14, 2022

Two Easy Pieces with A Cute Jeans Hack


Above are two wardrobe items that are easily identical as a feminine look (Feminine Differential). Yet can easily blend in for any everyday outing. A great casual look. Working at the mall is see this look every day on multiple females. Pair these jeans with the stripe top above, a white shirt/t-shirt top, or even a sweater - easy. 

The Jeans are Talbots SLIM ANKLE JEANS - EMBROIDERED PALM TREE; new this season and the fit is fantastic.  Just slim enough with a great fit all the way up.  Talbots tends to be generous with their sizing and these have just enough spandex to not gap at the waste and still fit nicely in the seat. The tropical palm tree embroidery add a ever so unmistaken feminine differential.  

The top is Amazon's Romwe Women's Striped Batwing Short Sleeve Knot Front Boat Neck T Shirt Tee   I love the loose fit with the cute neckline and tie bottom  accent.  Again another feminine differential with out going with over the top cleavage or lace.   

The jeans above are a reasonable ankle size.  Pulling then over my feet is not a task and taking then off does not involve calisthenics. However my new Talbots SCULPT PULL-ON JEGGINGS - ELLIS WASH are different. I adore the way they fit.  

I can pull them up for tummy support with a flat look, and legs and tightly tapered to the ankle.  On me they are not cropped but fall perfectelly at the ankle. Which brings me to the difficulty of pulling jeggings on over the foot and especially the difficulty of getting them off. 

Notch hem Jeans

I took the jeggings into my seamstress to add a small cut/notch of about 2.5 inches at the ankle to help on/off. The best $12.00 I have spent in a while. Not only does it help with the on/off, but adds another feminine differential. You don't see that on men's jeans. OK, OK - neither do they wear JEGGINGS, so I guess i compounded the differential. 

Enjoy the hack and always add a "Feminine Differential"; when lingerie underneath is not enough.  Be happy! Be visible! Escape!     


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