Wednesday, July 27, 2022

I Love A Success Story - Harry Styles (revisit)

 Fem-men, Why Are They So Hot?

MY Note: This is an interesting article about how man (some straight) are breaking the dressing mold.  I have previously written about Harry Styles in my post "The Face of the Modern Gender Debate". So found it interesting that others are defending what they call the "fem-men movement".  Do read the whole article here

BY: Edije Frangu Nov 15, 2021

Harry Styles
 Isn't Letting Gender Binaries
Define His Style

If anything, dressing femme displays a level of security with their masculinity; they don’t have to boast about it or exhibit it at all times. And frankly, that’s hot. 

Harry Styles serves as a sort of poster boy of this movement, at least for Gen-Z. He openly embraces the concept of dressing femininely as separate from sexual orientation or gender identity, which is often the stigmatized perception of this style: a man who dresses femme must be struggling with their masculinity in some way.  Rather, Styles believes his clothes make it possible for him to encapsulate a creative and free expression of himself, how he’s feeling, or just beauty in general. Sometimes people—regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation—just want to wear a pretty dress, damn it. And that’s why they put Styles on the cover of American Vogue in a dreamy Gucci gown last year.

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