Monday, July 11, 2022

I Love A Success Story - Mathilda Högberg


Mathilda Högberg

MATHILDA and Christian are a happy, young couple living in Gothenburg, Sweden. They’ve been together for eight years after meeting online and they instantly felt a special connection with each other after their very first dating app message. Mathilda is a transgender woman and, before meeting Christian, she had found the online dating world a bit of a minefield with men often disappearing or sending her nasty, abusive comments when she told them that she’s trans. However, Christian was supportive and accepting of Mathilda’s news that she was trans and their relationship grew and blossomed.

The couple have experienced some comments online from trolls who say that Christian is ‘gay’; Christian explained how this makes no sense as Mathilda is a woman, saying to her: “It’s not true, I know that you’re a woman in every way possible.” These transphobic comments occur on a daily basis which they both find very draining. Truly met up with the couple at their home in Sweden to hear about the incredible news that they’re engaged and also hear how they’ve dealt with the awful online judgement they’ve had to face in their relationship.  See this amazing video also. 


  1. Mathilda hogberg is beautiful inside and out because she is humble inspiring strong resilient and compassionate understanding considerate

  2. Mathilda you are a gorgeous woman and Christian is a very lucky man.

  3. They broke up bc she is engaged to her bff