Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Fall Is In The Air - Florida Style

Fall must be the air when here in Florida the temperature drops below 70.  Buuur.  Time to break out the sweaters. I do envy those of you that get to layer and wear beautiful sweaters. There is nothing more beautiful that a long elegant wool camels hair coat. I was on a flight into winter Chicago some years back and waiting for a taxi was a beautiful professionally dressed woman, high heel boots, camel coat, gloves and dark tights. Then I was shocked back to reality as a cold wind blew through the pickup area. Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Florida anymore.

Above are my "everyday style" jeans and denim skirt.  I have added a Tommy Bahama  Breezy Palm Crew Pullover Sweater.  Let's not go too far into winter; there is a palm tree reminder woven in. If you are considering, it run very large, but cute.  

Now, all I need is a another cool morning. 

Brooklyn Blond 


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